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Interactive video installation on loop
Five channels sound and music.

By creating actual barriers in the path of access to information, this interactive installation attempts to present an argument that goes counter to the ubiquitous belief which confuses the information with knowledge, viewing the accessibility to the concoction of information and misinformation in a good light. The work demonstrates how by generalizing the fragmented and dispersed pieces of information the interlocutors reach a hasty judgment and form a distorted view of the truth in their minds.

Serendipity develops its premise by focusing on the importance of interactivity vis-à-vis the presented object in understanding multidimensional, historical and sociocultural phenomena. In it, intricate animated collages narrating fables appropriated from Persian miniatures shed light on our dim and distant past. However, certain obstacles purposefully obscure this attempt. In order to overcome these created barriers, we should not only be able to communicate fully with the presented animation but we must succeed in establishing liaison with other viewing subjects as well.